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  • Ad Rem VEINOPLUS Electro-stimulator treatment of heavy legs
Ad Rem VEINOPLUS Electro-stimulator treatment of heavy legs
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Ad Rem VEINOPLUS Electro-stimulator treatment of heavy legs

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Ad Rem VEINOPLUS Electro-stimulator treatment of heavy legs

  • Disorders of venous return associated with sitting or standing, lack of exercise, excessive heat, overweight.
  • Simple and comfortable on the legs relaxed: it Duffait placing an electrode on each of the calves.
  • In treatment, Veinoplus used 1 to 2 times per day to improve venous return.
  • Veinoplus can be used in addition to the elastic.
  • Veinoplus comes with all accessories necessary for a easy, safe and effective. Runs on battery.
  • CE certified medical product: EC 0535

VEINOPLUS electrically stimulates the muscles of the calves to contract. These contractions compress the deep veins and superficial as well as lymphatic vessels, thus restoring the venous and lymphatic flow in the legs. The haemodynamic effect of these contractions is comparable to exercise.

VEINOPLUS improves quality of life of people with venous insufficiency (VI).
VEINOPLUS reduced swelling of the legs and the sensation of pain due to:

  • A sitting or standing (office, travel by plane, standing at work.)
  • A lack of physical exercise (walking).
  • Pregnancy or hormonal treatment.

VEINOPLUS is recommended for:

  • Reduce pain sensations in the legs
  • Reduce swelling of the legs (edema)
  • Eliminate venous stasis
  • Treat the symptoms of venous insufficiency (VI) or post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS)
  • Improve the healing of venous ulcers (CVI)

VEINOPLUS is contraindicated for people with pacemakers.

Do not use VEINOPLUS when using a device or driving a car. Keep out of reach of children


Each day, preferably late in the day or if swelling or pain in the lower legs. Especially recommended for air travel or during the 7 days after a plane ride.
Can be used up to 10 times per day. An internal timer automatically stops the machine after 20 minutes.

  1. Ensure VEINOPLUS is off and nothing appears on the screen.
  2. Place both electrodes on a calf or an electrode on each calf if both legs are swollen. To place the electrodes, see the illustrations at the end of this manual.
  3. Connect the electrodes.
  4. Turn VEINOPLUS once by pressing the center key 'O'.
  5. Press and hold the "+" until you feel slight vibrations in the calves.
  6. Therefore, gradually increase the intensity by brief pressure on the "+" key until you see and feel a profound contraction of the calves. Intensity is more important and better treatment outcomes with VEINOPLUS.
  7. If the contractions become too strong and / or uncomfortable, you can reduce the intensity by brief pressure on the "-".
  8. VEINOPLUS off automatically after 20 minutes of treatment.
  9. Remove the electrodes by pulling as indicated by the photos, to avoid pulling the hair. Up the electrodes on plastic materials and store them in sealed bags, provided.


1 Veinoplus
1 pair of electrodes Veinoplus
1 pile
1 manual

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Ad Rem VEINOPLUS Electro-stimulator treatment of heavy legs

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