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  • PUREDETOX - 250ml Ineldea
PUREDETOX - 250ml Ineldea
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Marque: Ineldéa

PUREDETOX - 250ml Ineldea

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PUREDETOX - 250ml Ineldea

PUREDETOX® is a purifying concentrate to dilute (food supplement) based on Birch Sap, Prebiotic Fibers and a synergistic complex of 10 plants targeted to act on the 5 emunctories: liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and the skin.

A detox drains and purifies the 5 emunctories to help them get rid of accumulated toxins and waste that can sometimes prevent them from functioning normally. Doing a detox thus makes it possible to purify the body in a global way.

Emunctories are specialized filter organs in the elimination of toxins and waste from our body through the evacuation of fluid. There are 5 of them: liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin.

The liver is an organ, whose role is, among other things, to filter the blood, to neutralize the toxins that it continuously carries and to eliminate them via the bile.
The intestines (small intestine and large intestine) have a fundamental function in elimination, as they collect all the waste products from the other organs and eliminate them in the form of stool.
The kidneys filter the blood and eliminate dilute waste through urine.
The respiratory tract eliminates waste and toxins in the form of gases.
The skin, an organ in its own right, eliminates waste and toxins through sweat thanks to the sweat glands and in the form of sebum thanks to the sebaceous glands.
Our current lifestyles, our daily environment (pollution, heavy metals, preservatives, etc.), but also infections and the taking of medications can be the cause of overworked emunctories and saturation of waste and toxins.

French brand

Réf. : 048555

PUREDETOX - 250ml Ineldea

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Brands Ineldéa

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