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  • BIOFREEZE Cold Effect Analgesic Gel 118 mL
BIOFREEZE Cold Effect Analgesic Gel 118 mL
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BIOFREEZE Cold Effect Analgesic Gel 118 mL

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BIOFREEZE Cold Effect Analgesic Gel 118 mL

The unique formula of Biofreeze contains the following active substances: alcohol, menthol and Ilex. Applying Biofreeze to the skin produces a cooling effect, which immediately alleviates pain while improving blood circulation.

Biofreeze is effective in many applications:

Against muscle and/or joint pain
In case of injury
During functional rehabilitation and rehabilitation
In case of arthritis
Against lumbar, scapular, cephalic and / or cervical pain
During muscle tension
During and after training

Non-greasy texture. Don't stain. Non-persistent odor. External use.


Do not use on mucous membranes, wounds or damaged skin.
Do not use under occlusive dressing.
Do not combine in combination with other creams.

Contraindications: Newborn, infant and child under 6 years old.

Objectives and results:

In addition to relieving muscle pain or an injury following sports exercises, Biofreeze is also the ideal product to treat aches after a prolonged period in the same position. Biofreeze is a pain reliever that works effectively in many situations:

Muscle pain and sprains
Sore joints in the ankles, knees, hips and/or elbows
Lumbar, scapular and cervical pain
Sports-related injuries
Muscle tension

You will be able to continue your sports and physical activities without pain.

Usage tips
Biofreeze can be applied 3-4 times daily to painful areas. The pain subsides within a few minutes. Its action is normally felt for several hours.

Rinse hands after application.

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BIOFREEZE Cold Effect Analgesic Gel 118 mL

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