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  • Hot water bottle ALPAGA (micro-corrugated)
Hot water bottle ALPAGA (micro-corrugated)
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Marque: Soframar

Hot water bottle ALPAGA (micro-corrugated)

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Hot water bottle ALPAGA (micro-corrugated)

A nice soft toy that warms in the microwave.
It restores warmth to accompany young and old during sleep.
The hot water bottle consists of wheat grains and lavender flowers.

You can also drop this stuffed 2 to 3 hours in the freezer

Manufacturer: INTELEX - England
Standards: EN71 1/2/3 - BS 8433-2004
Content: wheat and lavender

The instructions and precautions for use will be in your package.
Be sure to read the instructions before using.
Keep the record

Réf. : 047057

Hot water bottle ALPAGA (micro-corrugated)

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Brands Soframar

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