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  • HYDROGEL FACEMASK Anti-Aging (5 masks)
HYDROGEL FACEMASK Anti-Aging (5 masks)
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Marque: Collagena

HYDROGEL FACEMASK Anti-Aging (5 masks)

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HYDROGEL FACEMASK Anti-Aging (5 masks)

Anti -aging mask Collagena hydrogel consists of a base to which are added marine collagen , hyaluronic acid and anti -aging moisturizers and recognized assets.

Transformed into nutrient cosmetic serum, its components to quickly penetrate your skin lifter , correct wrinkles and prevent wrinkles .

Whatever your skin type , you will find the mask Collagena Anti-aging anti -aging and relaxing immediate outcomes , natural and durable.


Glycerin is a humectant which protects the skin , softens the skin and makes it more flexible and extensible. Under normal moisture conditions , glycerin decreases in water loss due to perspiration and reduces the speed of evaporation of water .

marine Collagen

A contribution in marine collagen contributes to smooth lines and helps the skin maintain its firmness, tone and elasticity.

hyaluronic acid

This active high-end, very effective at low doses, is known for its moisturizing and plumping intense.


Cereal with many virtues , rich in soothing ingredients and antioxidants, oatmeal is an ingredient increasingly popular in cosmetics. It provides an immediate tightening effect and reduces the depth of wrinkles on the long - term.

Clinical studies and sensory tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of this asset : a firmer and smoother skin. A feeling of lifting, tightening effect of the surface. These performances make this an active ingredient of choice in the formulation of rejuvenating care.


Chlorella is a micro- algae known for its high protein freshwater .

In addition to its essential nutritional properties , chlorella is detoxifying , prevents skin aging, enhances cell renewal, protects collagen and elastin and tightens the skin.

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HYDROGEL FACEMASK Anti-Aging (5 masks)

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Brands Collagena

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