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  • Otosan cone for ear hygiene (2 cones)
Otosan cone for ear hygiene (2 cones)
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Otosan cone for ear hygiene (2 cones)

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Otosan cone for ear hygiene (2 cones)

The Otosan cone is the result of the rediscovery of a traditional method for ear hygiene, auricular thermotherapy, a gentle technique that has very ancient origins.

Improved by the most innovative safety and comfort devices, the Otosan Cone is a natural, practical, safe and effective system that promotes the removal of impurities and excess earwax from the ear through heat beneficial and the chimney effect.

1) Insert one cm of the thin part of the cone into the Comfy applicator. Make sure the other Comfy applicator is not inside the cone.

2) Insert the cone into the protective disc (the silver part facing up) up to the flame-breaker ring. Light the larger part of the cone.

3) Rest your head on a table and insert the cone fitted with the Comfy applicator into the ear superficially, taking care to always keep it in a vertical position.

4) When the flame has burned the cone up to the flame-breaker ring, remove it from the ear and extinguish it by immersing it in a glass of water. Repeat the treatment on the other ear

Before using the product, please carefully read the precautions and directions for use inside the package.

CE medical device - Please read the instructions for use carefully.

Réf. : 047936

Otosan cone for ear hygiene (2 cones)

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